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In less than 2 days!

I will have my store and sales all set up.  Today we finished organizing cards stickers ect. And we're working on pictures. 

It's hard going but I need to clear out the things I haven't touched in years.

Also money for pokemon go. I need me some bag space baby!

Here are some teaser images

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OMG Its been forever. I'm back. AT LAST!

I have been gone. Life you know. But finally I am in a stable place, with stable everything so i'm back. I can Communicate again! haha.

I do have sales.

I will be totally re hauling my sales post.

I will be linking it to my Facebook sales page, because it's SOOOOOO much easier to organize on facebook.

I can put a link in this post, but, I haven't updated my sales yet!

Im taking pictures today.

I need new merch.

My older collection is boring me. :(  So out with the old in with the NEW!!!!

I'm also over cards :/  Like just over them, so my entire collection of cards are going to be listed for sale!

About 3/4 of my plush collection is leaving too.

I dont use them, i dont decorate with them. I need something fresh.  They are just being sad and unloved.

And dont get me started on figures. I have no place to set them up.

And my obession with BJD's and Disney again has me reeling in collections.

I do sell BJD stuff as well, and I also sell Coins, and Elememnt stuff (well my hubby does haha)  And there you have it. :D

But i'm back.

Feel free to Like my Facebook store to see updates!


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Life as a mother got harder!

My love for pokemon and lolita had to take a bit on the back burner. my health was suffering, my mental state was bad. and money was tighter than ever before.

We have a new home.  We now have our three year old constantly breaking things throwing things ect... what three year olds do so i have No time to myself anymore. when i get a chance I sleep.

I gained a bunch of weight but have been diligently re working it off!

My son will start a short pre pre school thing this april. which will give me 2 hours alone on wed and Fridays i hope.

I just want to be tiny and small and carefree again.  I love my kid to pieces but i see pictures of the old me and i get depressed knowing I will never look like that, or be like that again.

Especially since we want to have more kids. ^^

dont get me wrong I'm very happy with my life but Blogging reminds me of being young. and free and able to have nice things.

At least my bestie got himself a good girl and she's going to be my bestie too. :D

And we can all four be besties and then they can have kids and our kids will be besties and life will be good again. ^^

And my son doesn't like pokemon. :( he's just not into *yet* but he will. if i am his mother Anime, Pokemon, Fashion and reading will be his main fun things to do *oh and videogames :D*

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Some Life ideas and Dressing it up

So Everything pisses me off, And i mean everything.  even if things make me happy they piss me off.

I needed to start writing again, I needed to start venting on a blog, a note, a paper, a computer.  I needed to do all of these things, but i just get mad because every time i start I just can't get the flow.  I get mad cause i get interrupted, even if I'm not mad at the interruption.  I have a kid, I love him, he's my lil bunny.  And I honestly would do anything for him, except eat a chili pepper or those strange black disks in the chex mix bag.  Will not.

But my life needs some overhaul, and I think I'm definitely going to try to post daily, about something, nothing, or just to say "FUCK YOU!" who you is i have no idea, it could be the cat, trying to snuggle my face with her cold little nose and fluffy little tail.  It could be the fact that I hate using Spell check,  Or i could be saying Fuck you to a particular person who has recently pissed me off.

Today I really started the house hunting.  With no luck into anything "my style", like the universe is saying you have to live in a crappy neighborhood or you have to live in a crappy house.  Almost every house i have seen is either a ranch *I HATE RANCHES!  but i like ranch, on my salad or with veggies.  The other houses are bi or tri level houses, gee... pick something already, no need to have 2 or 3 different choices lol.  In those I see a kitchen that is awkward, that leads to a small Breakfast nook/dining room area, then a hole, in the wall, at table lvl, with a fucking rail, and like 3 feet between the wall/ceiling, and the top of the railing.  Sometimes there's only a railing.  WTF HAPPENED TO WALLS?  WTF happened to a flat area?  And this leads to a a living room space smaller than our one bed room apartment now. -_- ITS UGLY, it's unsafe, not only for the child, but for me, Actually probably extremely unsafe for me, as I'm the one that always ends up hurt.

Then they have these OBNOXIOUS wall ledges, like you couldn't fucking finish the wall the rest of the way up?  It's like that on every floor in every room, and its at awkward levels.  and it's too small to hold much of anything, and if you want a book case there what? it's not even, you can't even decorate right with that shit. ---_---  I just want a nice boxy house, with outie bits, a large open kitchen, and bedrooms up top.  laundry up top too, so i don't have to Walk far. :D

I need space for a freezer, like fridge size but only for freezing the shit out of food. and toys, ya, freeze those evil foot eating toys.

i got interrupted again, for poop.  ALWAYS POOP! -_- WHY can't he just sleep and THEN POOP? no always poop before a nap, What am i going to do with him?

I want to write a book, a book about my extraordinary imaginations, and dreams.  The life that is me, when I'm not here.  yes that's right i think i disappear from time to time, but i don't get anything done, while my body is a robot. lame body... -_-

I can't keep my thoughts straight, and have so many that they are bubbling like a pot of chicken soup.  on high, all over.  messy messy messy.  will someone please slap me? I think I'm going crazy right now.  Now it's the cat.  I had to turn on all the fans even though it's cold cause she POOPED -_- what is with all the god damn pooping!  always the bunny and the cat pooping at the same time.  My poor nose it's about dead.  hubby should be coming home soon too.  I love my hubby, and I hate him too. he's all i have, but all i despise.  He's too sweet, like he's planning something, something devious, unethical, but yet probably something like farting on me later tonight when I'm absorbed in my anime.  that's right i love anime, and Pokemon, if you hadn't noticed the numerous shit i sell.  I have had to downsize, and just get rid of the excess. we have a small place, and I would like a proper collection when we move, none of this random whatever Pokemon crap i hoard and love and poke at all the time.

I try to do my best i do, but when one thing ends and i want to do something else, I get interrupted, like this time, I sneezed, and not a dainty sneeze a sneeze that blew the cat into next week, or maybe only a few seconds into the future i don't really know, she's not around me right now.  Now i want to listen to the days go by and All i think is you song. is that how it goes?  Well Maybe I'll tell you a story tomorrow, maybe the one about the carriage and pool fountain in my neighbors front yard, from 1665.  ya, maybe that one. gasp i will use spell check!

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Plush Extravaganza! Sales Post! (Closed) Large pictures!

Hello and Welcome to my Plush Sales, Where i will be selling my pokemon plush that no longer have room in my home :(.  I will also include other plush that need new homes. But first things first, We have the RULES!

I will sell to anyone with a paypal, but i'd prefer if you were from pokemon collectors.
I reserve the right to change prices as I see fit.
also have a cat and a 1 year old, so things might happen to the items
from the time I list them to the time you buy them, things happen, and I
will refund you the money if something were to happen to the item in

Some rules to follow!(will add more if I see fit)

  • I was granted Sales Permission on 5/6/12 by entirelycliched
    • Feedback can be looked at here:
    • Guidelines:
      All Pkmncollectors rules apply.
    • I only accept PayPal. but have been considering Amazon WebPay for U.S. customers only, please ask me!
    • We have 1 cat so there may be a little fur on plushies but she doesn’t mess with our stuff.
    • I ship from the US and will ship anywhere, though out of country will cost more!
    • (IF I do ship overseas, I am not responsible for custom payments, this could happen!)
    • Prices are in USD and do not include shipping unless otherwise indicated.
    • Buyers must pay all fee’s *PayPal and shipping*
      Shipping will be based on the weight of your order! I have a scale! :D
    • Payment is expected within 24 hours, unless otherwise agreed upon.  Or I will leave negative feedback!
    • I will only hold for 24 hours, do not abuse this or I will take all holding away!
    • Please send payment to: link815 (at) Comcast (dot) net
    • Haggling is accepted, but I reserve the right to refuse any offer.
    • I will trade, offer away!(working on a wants list)
    • I am not responsible for anything that happens once the item/s has been
      shipped. If this is a problem then please ask for me to add
      tracking/insurance, though it is your responsibility to pay for them.
    • I reserve the right to not sell to anyone I don’t deem fit.
    • I do have a small child at home, so I will not tolerate anyone backing
      out of something they have committed to buying.  I don’t have the time
      for that. (Unless there are extreme reasons for it, such as medical,
      family death, ect.  My son and I are very accident prone and seem to
      either walk into walls or get sick often so I understand things happen,
      just don’t make a habit of it.)

If you say you are COMMITTED its final.
If you have any more questions please ask in appropriate thread, and/or Inbox me.

Should anything happen you can immediately contact me on Facebook,

Collapse )

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Mini Figures, name your price!

Collapse )

Large photo of all mini's numbered for my convenience as well as yours~

each square is 1inch by 1inch so you have a size reference

*SOLD* I will not remove the pics just in case of issues! so remember these have been sold!
9 snorlax
22 hitmonlee
23 hitmonchan
24 hitmonchan
25 hitmonchan
76 staru

[Indivual pics!]

Start of Individual pics in spoiler, this is to prevent over crowdingThe Pictures are in order from 1-95, everything is a different figure unless otherwise stated, and condition is based on what you see.Im not an expert in mini figures so What you see is what you get.  If you would like better pictures let me know, I'm not a photographer and this is the best I could do but i can get more if you need me to! :D Happy bidding!

1 Ekans2 Arbok3 Arbok4

56 meowth
7 Meowth8
9 Snorlax10
11 Drowzee12
Someone mentioned that Hypno 20 might be a booty, i think he's adorable though :D

Same person also mentioned Primeape was a booty as well.
55 (1)55 (2)
The caterpi's are the same one, I just wanted to show the writing that's on most of the figures.

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To anyone who has bought.

Some things are happening. I will have my husbend ship everything when he goes back to our house friday. Its never one bad thing its always more. If i owe money i have no connection to do so. On my phone sorry have to go.
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under the chair

under that chair lives a spider
that spider will die today
cause spiders are evil vile creatures
and they scare the crap out of me. :D

Yes the vacume made him come out
to see what that woosh was about.
Now a bit of hair spray and he's twitching
Now son smoosh em'!

okay that is taken care of, seriously i hate summer with the spiders and bugs and such :/
two days ago there was a yellow jacket, thank god my hubby was home, 
i'm deathly allergic, and i like living :D

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