mew_luvs_mewtwo (mew_luvs_mewtwo) wrote,

Pokemon pokemon and lighting.

So here i play pokemon in a thunderstrom and i get on to check if they accepted me into pokemoncollectors and they havent three days ppl come on!  I'm not a bad person i'm new yes, but doesnt everyone start off somewhere?  And lets see UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I see all these auctions going on and i cant get anything. thanks to someone who answered a mail of mine so i can get that mew! :( i'm a mew freak and it's so not fair.

I have a good buy rating and yes i dont have pics up but i need to find my camra i think it's at mewtwo's house and show my collection. And it's not just pokemon that's more recent it's like TONS OF STUFF AND ANIME AND PLUSHIES! it's like i cant have enough.  :(  i have a mew game boy purse a little strap thing, a backpack, pillows, alarm clcok, movies! a few figures, tons of cards.... but i go for mew things! =_=

ugh. sad day in panda land!
Tags: mew, pokemon

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